About Us


Meet The Owner

My name is LaWanda and I am the face behind Creative Tee's & More.  I started this company 7 years ago just knowing I had a passion to create.  After years of schooling and receiving my degree in Graphic Design and Media Studies/Advertising, I knew there was more to me than just working a regular 9 to 5! So there you have it... Creative Tee's Girl.  With each creation I create know that you're getting a product that comes along with my name, my extreme pride, and my finger print is marked on everything (handmade).  Thank you for your support as I journey on to greater.....  


Creative Tee's Is Mobile

On October 8, 2017 Creative Tee's Girl ventured out and purchased a van. This isn't just any van. We can do custom on the go. So if you are hosting an event and want to add an unique experience, book us to do custom items on the spot. 

Creative Tee's Girl featured on Fox 2 News

Creative Tee's Girl on the Go was feature on the Fox 2 News.

Creative Tee's Girl

Creative Tee's Girl in action